Ordering Information

The Ordering Process:
Your order is custom and so is our ordering process. After processing your shipping and billing information you will be directed to our custom order form and file upload page. This will begin the printing process. Please contact us at info@seventhstreetgraphics.com if you loose this page. Once your information and artwork is received Seventh Street will prepare your project for the production process and will email a proof to you in a PDF(Adobe Acrobat/Reader) format. Upon proof approval your project will be produced and shipped to you. In store pick-up is also available.
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Proofing Policy:
All orders at Seventh Street Graphics are custom in nature. We will provide you with pre-production proofs so you may check for design, sizing, and clerical errors. Upon accepting the final proof the customer agrees that the product is ready to be printed as is. From this point forward the customer accepts full responsibility for all necessary production, printing and shipping charges including those that may be required to reproduce the project with corrected information.
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Copyrighted Materials:
Seventh Street Graphics does not produce projects without the consent of the author of copyrighted works. If the customer provides Seventh Street Graphics with copyrighted materials Seventh Street Graphics assumes that the customer has obtained the rights to use said materials. The customer assumes all responsibilities for said use including, but not limited to, all legal, criminal and civil actions that may be taken.
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Shipping Terms:
Shipping charges vary depending on delivery location, expedited service and product weight and size.

Shipping duration does not apply until your order is shipped from our facilities. Seventh Street Graphics will send you an email when your order has been completed and shipped.
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Refunds and Exchanges:
Refunds and exchanges are handled on a per order basis. For more information please email us at info@seventhstreetgraphics.com or call us at 603-752-8167 (Monday through Friday 7:30am until 5:00pm)
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